Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3 „Yellow 11”

Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3 „Yellow 11”

Fw. Artur Beese, 9./JG 26, Caffiers, France, August 1940

Eduard 1/32

Mr Hobby paints

This aircraft flown by Fw. Beese, was forced to put down near Calais on August 24, 1940 after combat with RAF fighters. It carried the typical camouflage scheme from the summer of 1940, comprised of RLM 02 and RLM 71 over the upper surfaces. Bottom and sides were in RLM 65. This specific scheme is an example of the unusually high and relatively sharp demarcation of the top fuselage colors. The octane marker by the filler cap is unusual in being a red-bordered yellow triangle.





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