Tutorials Part 1 – Wash

Hi guys,

Today I would like to show you how I do wash on my models. It’s a simple few step process which adds nice depth to the surface and makes details more visible.

All you need is oil paint, odourless turpentine and a brush, ideally No 1 but it depends on the actual part of the model (for larger surfaces I would advise flat brush).

We start with choosing the right colour. For interior I tend to use dark brown, sometimes mixed with black if it’s too bright.

First we need to prepare the surface. We start with applying even coat of gloss varnish. In example Mr Hobby C46 Clear needs to be mixed with Mr Color Leveling Thinner in 1:2 (paint:thinner)proportion and sprayed with 10 psi pressure to easily go through the airbrush nozzle.


– proper mixture is the key to success, remember to try it on another surface before applying onto the model.

Next step is to mix the oil paint with odourless turpentine in approximately 1:2-3 (oil paint:turpentine) proportion, it needs t be thin enough to get into panel lines and rivets, but also thick enough to stay in place as we don’t need to spill it everywhere. It’s all about the control 🙂


– all you need is oil paint, odourless turpentine, a brush and mixing cup.

We apply the wash onto the surface. You can apply it around specific details or just brush it all over the part. I prefer the second option as I am sure it will get into all gaps.


– remember to often mix your wash, oil paint and turpentine needs time to mix properly together.

We leave the applied wash to dry, it usually takes around 2hrs. You can use hair dryer, but remember to blow it only with cool air (if your dryer does not have this option it is better to just wait for it to dry). Don’t be afraid for the paint to dry too much, it usually takes 1 to 4 weeks for oil paint to dry completely. Once the wash has dried enough we take cotton swabs and remove excess from flat large surfaces. Thanks to this wash will remain only in panel lines, rivets and around raised parts.


– By using cotton swabs you can control the process of removing the wash. It is also clear and dry process in contrast to using brush dipped in turpentine.

Final step is to apply even coat of matt varnish, I use Tamiya flat clear XF-86 which is mixed with Mr Color Leveling Thinner in 1:2 (paint:thinner) proportion and sprayed with 10 psi pressure. This is simply a protection coat, however it also looks way better than gloss coat 🙂


– The same as with a clear coat, remember about the proper proportions and apply this with thin, even coats.

And here is the final result.







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